Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial day, the "official start" of summer and a typically happy day to get out meet friends and celebrate with a barbecue or a day at the beach. Of course everyone knows the real meaning of Memorial Day is a holiday set aside to remember the men and women who lost their lives while serving in the armed services. 

I hope that this Memorial Day each and everyone of us take the time to really think about these men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can be happy and secure in our homes, out enjoying the sunny weather and sharing a meal with family and friends. 

Maybe this weekend we could do one or ore of the following:

1. Fly your flag and support the troops.

2. Go the the local Memorial Day parade or Memorial to the soldiers in your town and leave flowers to show your support. 

3. If you see any soldiers while traveling, walk up and shake their hand and thank them for all their hard work and sacrifices. 

4. Go to a site, like or and pick a soldier to send a care package to.

5. Donate your time to Wounded Warrior Project.

6. If you know a family that has lost a loved one let them know that you care. Even though it may seem awkward or a painful everyone wants to know that their loved one is remembered and loved.

7. Listen to their stories. 

8. Volunteer your time or goods to the USO. Most airports and military bases have USO facilities where soldiers and their families can "have their spirits lifted." 

9. Vist the VA.

10. There are a million ways to say thank you we all just have to make the effort to do it.

I know many do not support military intervention and I am not here to talk about that or to preach. I simply want to remember all of those men and women who are away from home and family and doing whatever it takes to keep us safe and sound. As the saying goes, "freedom isn't free." it costs time away from family, and friends, loss of limbs and life. 

On that note, to all of my friends and family and those soldiers I do not personally know, who have served or are currently in the US military I thank you for your sacrifice. My thoughts and prayers and with you and your family. 

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Leather and Ballistic Flashlight Holders For Preppers' and Survivalists

If you are assembling your bug out bag you need a good flashlight or two, and I am not talking about the ones in your kitchen drawer or that your kids run around in the back yard on a summer day with.

You need a quality, long-lasting flashlight and those cost a little or a lot of money. Why not protect your Sure-fire, Mag-lite or other light with a Stallion Leather flashlight holder?

Stallion Leather manufactures leather and ballistic nylon flashlight holders that will protect your light so that it works when you want it to!

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